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Set-Up Gradebook


The Sakai Gradebook is an important tool for both students and instructors. The Gradebook allows instructors to communicate grades and feedback so students can easily review and monitor their learning progress. Grades assigned to activities developed with the Rubrics, Discussions, Assignments or Tests & Quizzes tools can be automatically imported into the Gradebook. Categories and/or weighting can also be used to accommodate a variety of assessment plans.

Site Design Tips

Every graded task should be represented in the Gradebook to allow students to accurately assess their current academic standing. Some activities, like assignments and assessments, can generate a new Gradebook Item within the settings for those activities. Other activities, like discussion topics and non-electronic submissions, require Gradebook items to be entered directly into the Gradebook. Assessments with multiple due dates (like a semester-long journal) or multiple graded elements (like a semester-long project) may be better represented as multiple items within a Gradebook category.


Determine Gradebook Setup

  1. Navigate to Gradebook.
  2. Click “Settings”.
  3. Open “Categories & Weighting” to review or update these settings to reflect course assessment plans.
  4. Open “Grading Schema” to review or update grade types and values.
  5. Click “Save Changes”.

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Add Gradebook Items

  1. Within the Grades tab of Gradebook, click “Add Gradebook Item”.
  2. Provide details for each item.
    1. Add Title.
    2. Assign a Point Value.
    3. Add a rubric, if desired.
    4. Enter a Due date, if appropriate.
    5. Assign to a Category, if appropriate.
    6. Select whether the item will be released to students.
    7. Select whether the item will be included in course grade calculations.
  3. Click the plus sign to add another item.
  4. Click “Create” to finish.
  5. Click “Item Order” to drag and drop items to a different location, as needed.

Click the image below to cycle through illustrated steps in this process.

Next Step

Proceed to Edit Overview Page.

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