Site Setup Tutorial

Request Course Site


Instructors must request a Sakai course site every term and for each course where Sakai will be utilized. The Request Course form walks instructors through a series of steps which result in the creation of a new site. Each new site is generated from one of two template options: Standard or Minimal. The process for setting up one’s Sakai site will vary according to the template and options selected on the course request form.

Site Design Tips

The Standard template reflects instructional design and technology recommendations and is designed to help instructors share resources and information in a consistent, organized, and student-friendly layout. The Minimal template is designed for courses where Sakai will be used primarily to post a syllabus and communicate learning progress via the Gradebook. Instructors are encouraged to consult with instructional design staff to determine how the Standard or Minimal templates can be most effectively leveraged in individual courses.


Select a Course & Template

  1. On the top navigation bar, click "Quick Links".
  2. Select "Sakai Support" to navigate to the Sakai Support site.
  3. Select "Request Course" in the left navigation and open the form.
  4. Select an action to create a new course site.
    1. Create a course site with one or more course reference numbers.
    2. Create a course site without a course reference number.
  5. Complete the steps needed to create a site such as choosing the appropriate academic term and entering a site title.
  6. Select a template and select other site options.
  7. Confirm request.

Click the image below to cycle through illustrations of the steps in this process.

Next Step

Are you importing content from another site?

Proceed to Import Content from Another Site.

Proceed to Organize Tool Menu.

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