Site Setup Tutorial

Publish Site


The last step in setting up your course site is a simple task. Instructors must publish their Sakai site before students can access it or receive announcements from the site.

Site Design Tips

The general recommendation is to publish the Sakai site for a course at least 24 hours before the start of the term. It is also a good practice to send an announcement from the published Sakai site, welcoming students to the course, preparing them for the first class meeting, and letting them know the Sakai site is now available.


Publish Site

  1. Click the “Publish Now” button at the top of any site page.

Click the image below to view an illustration of this process.

Unpublish Site

For instructors who wish to temporarily or permanently restrict students’ access to a site:

  1. Navigate to Site Info.
  2. Click “Manage Access”.
  3. Select button to “Unpublish/Leave as Draft”.
  4. Click “Update”.

Click the image below to cycle through illustrations of the steps in this process.

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