Site Setup Tutorial

Edit Overview Page


The Overview page (formerly called “Home” page) of every Sakai site contains an area that instructors can customize. Minimal and Standard templates automatically include sections designed to welcome and orient students to the course site. Instructors should edit these sections as appropriate to provide learners with essential information. Please note, if these sections are not updated, students will see incomplete sections with directions intended for instructors.

Site Design Tips

Tools within the text editor menu on the Overview page allow instructors to embed images or videos. Embedded images can be sourced from an uploaded image file or linked to an image hosted elsewhere on the web. Also keep in mind, it may be necessary to resize an image by opening the image editor, locking the pixel ratio, and adjusting the pixel size.


Edit Information

  1. Navigate to the “Overview” page.
  2. Click the “Edit” button.
  3. Highlight the content and replace (or delete) as desired:
    1. Add brief welcome message.
    2. Insert instructor name and contact info.
    3. Add meeting schedule and location.
    4. Briefly explain how students should plan to use this Sakai site.
  4. Click “Update Options” to finish.

Click the image below to cycle through illustrations of the steps in this process.

Next Step

Proceed to Publish Site.

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