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Import Content from Another Site


Instructors may want to copy content from one Sakai site into another to reuse previously developed content, including Lessons pages, Resources, Discussions, Assignments, Test & Quizzes, and Gradebook settings. The most efficient way to copy content is to use the Import from Site feature of the Site Info tool. During the import process, an instructor selects site content based on specific tools present in each site, and all of the content within those tools is copied to the new site. Instructors should plan to update settings for announcements, assignments, tests and quizzes before publishing the site to students.

Site Design Tips

When importing tools and their materials from another site, we generally recommend you select all of the tools used in the original course. This prevents accidental breakage of links between items. And it is typically easier to delete or update old content than to build new content. We also recommend you carefully determine whether you want to replace or merge data during the import, some differences between these options are described below.

After importing course content, instructors can update old due dates, availability dates, and other date-related fields by using the Date Manager in the Site Info tool.


Copy Course Content

  1. Navigate to Site Info.
  2. Click “Import from Site”.
  3. Select process to obtain content.
    1. Replace data
      1. overrides all existing content, including new template pages and tools, in favor of copied content
      2. may work best to preserve prior site design
    2. Merge data
      1. imports prior content while retaining new template pages and tools
      2. may work best for first time use of standard or minimal template
  4. Select course to import content from.
  5. Click “Continue”.
  6. Select all tools from which to import content.
  7. Click “Finish”.

Click the image below to cycle through illustrations of the steps in this process.

Next Step

Proceed to Organize Tool Menu.

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